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The must see early New Zealand Helenstown minature model village

What is Helenstown, you may ask? It is an early New Zealand town built to a miniature scale, depicting a typical town around the early 1900's - allowing for you to see what a typical early New Zealand town would look like.

Helenstown has buildings from all around the country and was created by Helen Pratt. The project was started in 1999 and took 5 years to complete what is seen today - approximately 300 buildings depicting early New Zealand.

View all the sights of old New Zealand settler towns

A little train meanders through the township, passing churches, banks, picture theatres, butchers shops, boot repairers, cakeshops with lots of "goodies" in the windows, traders that have everything including the kitchen sink.

There is a water fountain, a War and Peace Memorial which had been the only one in the country but was subsequently destroyed for road widening.

Other miniatures of interest are a zoo, a waterwheel and a windmill as well as many other impressive models.

Preserving New Zealand's settler history

This is a display that is preserving our past for the future. Come along and enjoy some time at Murrayfield Clydesdales and Tourist Complex, enjoy a wander through the Settler's Museum and wonder where all this history fitted in to a rural town like Helenstown.

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