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The Murrayfield and Levin settlers educational museum

Murrayfield is the home to a wonderful collection of pioneer memorabilia. Stroll around and step back into the past and experience the memories these old exhibits will bring. You will be more than impressed with the number and condition of the exhibits that were used in the everyday lives of our ancestors.

Entry: $5

A personal museum that educates on the previous lives of the people in the area

The Doreen family have collected these items over a period of years and they are now available for public display. They constitute a valuable insight into life in times before tractors and before electricity. The museum is arranged so that you can easily identify aspects of life in those earlier times. Learn how the washing was done in the days before washing machines and how it was to live before there was running water or heaters in our house's.

The Collection's

In the Murrayfield museum there are a few collections, especially including the Laundry Collection and the Gramophone Collection. These show special insight into how lives were lived here before modern technology and the like and is a real educational buzz, especially for children to see how life was before their time.

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