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Farm animals and petting zoo

Great for kidds of all ages! Come feed the animals and let the children play and pet them... Sheep, Goats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chickens, Miniature Horses and Charlotte the Pig.

Tours are for group bookings only. Please contact us to arrange your group tour.

Morning Tea Tour Package - $10.00

The Tea & Freedom of the House tour. This package allows you to Devonshire Tea (scones, jam & cream, muffins plus tea or coffee) and the freedom to wander around the Museum at your own pace.

Half-day Tour Package - $27.00

This package includes lunch at our rural Scenic Cafe. Activities include:
  • Garden Walk
  • Museum
  • Helenstown
Morning tea option - $5.00 per person.

Full Day Tour Package (option 1) - $32.00

With this package you get morning tea and lunch at our Scenic Cafe and the activities:
  • Reliving the 50's
  • Garden Walk
  • Museum
  • Helenstown

Full Day Tour Package (option 2) - $38.00

With the full day tour package (option 2) you are entitled to morning tea and lunch at the Scenic Cafe. Activities involve:
  • Garden Walk
  • Museum
  • Helenstown
  • 1 hour at Parrot Ranch, or
  • 1 hour at Owlcatraz
We are flexible and able to meet your requirments. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiries about our animal tours

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