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Cafe, Restaurant, Museum, Animal Park and Wedding Venue - Just out of Levin

Tie the knot and celebrate with friends in our spacious wedding venue with stunning rural surroundings...

Relax in the scenic Murrayfield Cafe and enjoy the
home cooked food
on the large deck...

Spend some time with the farm animals on the farm tours. Perfect for the kids!

See how life was in the days gone by in our heritage museum and Helenstown miniature village.

Come in and spend a memorable day
with family and friends at Murrayfield

Beautiful views and great homemade cafe food

During your visit or function you are able to get quality homecooked food at the rural Scenic Cafe. The cafe is situated in the perfect place to get a great view over the property and breathe the fresh air and enjoy the envinronment.

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The perfect place to host your wedding or function

Murrayfield is the perfect place to host your wedding or special function. The 11 acre property, nestled in a rural setting close to Levin provides you with a range of options for your special day.

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Farm animals and
petting zoo

Stroll around and see the great selection of animals we have on our site. Our miniature horses are and other animals are great for kids of all ages!

Click for Animal Tours

See how early New Zealand settlers lived

The Museum at Murrayfield is a huge collection of historical items that show how the early New Zealand settlers used to live before many of the luxuries of modern times. This is a must see museum that is very educational.

Click for Museum

Helensville miniature village 

You are also able to see the surroundings that early New Zealand settlers lived in at Murrayfield's Helenstown Miniature Town. The town was created to preserve our history and show future generations early living conditions.

Click for Helenstown Miniature Village
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